Psychotherapy and Counselling

We change all the time. The things holding us back and causing us pain don’t have to be permanent. Choosing to make a change is the hardest step. Now you need someone to help you find the cause and solution to your problems. This is where I can help.

What can my session help you with?

As a professional psychotherapist, I offer a range of counselling services to help treat conditions such as anxiety, grief, depression and addiction, among other things. This is achieved through a collaborative relationship with you where we can discuss what you want to change in a safe and confidential environment, using psychotherapy to help alter those ingrained patterns of behaviour, thoughts and emotions.

What will we go through during a session?

During your counselling sessions, we will go through a non-judgmental exploration of current and past events in your life. I can help identify the immediate and underlying issues, which can be resolved by implementing more beneficial coping strategies.

Counselling is often an ongoing mental and emotional support set in a safe environment which will allow you to overcome any issues. It gives you the chance to be open and honest and discover alternative methods of coping. Whatever your problem is, I can adapt to your needs to create a complete solution for you.