How I Help You

What makes me different from other therapists?

  • The problems people come to me with are usually symptoms of a deeper underlying problem.
  • These symptomatic behaviours are usually unconsciously driven due to an internal conflict. The conflict and the root cause of it are quite often outside of conscious awareness. It is because of this that I do not treat just the symptoms. I draw from a range of well established therapies and apply techniques in a uniquely integrated way to unravel the real issue. I use the latest findings of neuroscience to develop effective methods for you to take control.

The four main approaches I use in an integrated way are the following.


Hypnosis is a completely natural state of focussed attention which provides access to your subconscious mind. Another way of describing the subconscious mind is the feeling mind. This access can be used to offer positive suggestions, rehearse new strategies or to uncover the root cause of your problem.


Mindfulness is a very old eastern meditation techniques which enables you to gain some objectivity to your thoughts, emotions & sensations in the body. This increases your ability to be in control of those aspects of your self.

Analytical Psychotherapy:

Analytical Psychotherapy is an approach aimed at you gaining a greater and deeper understanding about the affect of experiences from your past; and the maladapted patterns of behaviour and thought processes. Open exploration using free association is one of the tools I use to achieve this.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy:

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy(CBT) is a well-established approached primarily aimed at correcting the negative thoughts that contribute to your problem. When this modality is integrated with Hypnosis and Mindfulness, you are able to make real advances in establishing new strategies and habits.

  • I work with you as an individual. That means I work with you in a collaborative way to gain an understanding about you; your past, present and a clear understanding of what you want to gain from therapy.
  • Through both conscious and subconscious work, we uncover which thoughts, feelings and behaviours are triggered by what. We also uncover and resolve the root cause of your problem.
  • I provide you with the tools and techniques you need to move forward in a more beneficial way.

Your journey to overcoming your problem is one you can feel secure in knowing we will be working together to complete it successfully.



Peter McMahon.