Stop the yo-yo dieting, use hypnotherapy to control your weight and cease emotional eating

control-weight-with-hypnotherapyMany Australians struggle with their weight. They worry about good and bad eating days and a lot of people often eat based on how they feel, making it a vicious cycle. While there are diets and programs and other ways of trying to change, these don’t always work and we are all looking for a better solution. If you’ve tried it all before and want to stop the yo-yo dieting, choose hypnotherapy to make a real change.

How does it work?

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that has been used for many years to help a variety of conditions people suffer. The act of hypnosis allows positive suggestions to be accepted and acted upon without reliance on will-power alone. But hypnosis isn’t just about what I can do for you, it is also about what you can do for yourself. I will teach you some self-hypnosis tools as well to effectively help change the way you represent different foods internally. If you are an emotional eater, I will also look at any deeper underlying problems that may be the cause of the emotional eating and then find the right approach for your problem.

What are the results?

All of my weight control and eating disorder programs have a high success rate as they enable you to change at a deep, subconscious level. While I do not prescribe a diet for clients, you will notice your eating habits improving and a feeling of elation as you lose weight gradually and commit to healthier eating choices and regular exercise. If you do want to follow a diet alongside this, I can work with your dietician for a combined approach.

It can seem impossible to find the perfect way to lose weight. When you’re done with the yo-yo dieting, look to hypnotherapy. For more information about my services and how I can help you control your weight, call Hypnotherapy Queensland on (07) 3172 3848 today.