Online Therapy for Depression


The new age of the internet has taken therapy treatment for depression to a completely other level, specifically that application of Skype. Known more recently as “Skypotherapy”, the method of patients receiving depression therapy via Skype has gained popular momentum, …Read More

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy to treat Anxiety an Depression

Anxiety and Depression Specialist

Anxiety is a problem that so many of us today struggle to cope with and overcome. Anxiety can be a debilitating condition that can overtake our daily lives, and at times it can feel as though this situation is hopeless. …Read More

Climb the corporate ladder and find your focus with hypnotherapy


For those who work full time, your job can make up a huge part of your life. It can almost feel like a second home and your performance at work can affect how you feel and function in other areas …Read More

Stop the yo-yo dieting, use hypnotherapy to control your weight and cease emotional eating


Many Australians struggle with their weight. They worry about good and bad eating days and a lot of people often eat based on how they feel, making it a vicious cycle. While there are diets and programs and other ways …Read More

Is Hypnotherapy Safe to Treat Phobias and Fears?

fears and phobias

We all have fears. We all have things that scare us and force us to act a certain way. For some, these fears can turn into something much more, causing us to retreat from the world and reducing our quality …Read More

3 Ways Hypnotherapy Can Be Used to Treat Depression


If you are dealing with depression, you are sure to understand just how difficult it can be to get better. It’s easy to feel like you are drowning and can’t get out. But there is relief! While it may seem …Read More

Can Hypnotherapy Help with Depression?

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Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective treatments for depression. Depression is a condition which can sneak up on you without you realising it. You may find that you gradually find less and less enjoyment in doing things that you …Read More

How Does Hypnotherapy Help to Treat Anxiety?

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Anxiety is an issue that affects 1 in 10 people across Australia. Sufferers live with this problem every day. Most non-sufferers of anxiety do not realise how terrifying anxiety can be; to what extent it interferes with many aspects of life. If you suffer from anxiety, then you know what I mean when I say that anxiety …Read More

Learn to Meditate.

Brain Care

Meditation is a very effective method of relaxation. The idea of meditation is to focus your thoughts on one relaxing thing for a sustained period of time. This rests your mind by diverting it from thinking about the problems that have caused stress. It gives your body time to relax and recuperate and clear away toxins that may have built up through stress and mental or physical activity. MeditationRead More

Treating Anxiety and Depression with Hypnotherapy


So, today I’d like to talk to you about Hypnotherapy and how it’s used to treat anxiety and depression.
I guess, from the outset, I should say that hypnosis isn’t a therapy. Hypnosis really is just a state of mind. And the thing that makes hypnosis useful as far as therapy is concerned is it gives us access to your unconscious.
Now, that access can be used in a few different ways.Read More