Marijuana Addiction Help – Brisbane.

I will help you to enjoy having a clear head when you are free from marijuana addiction.


Constant marijuana smoking slowly creeps into every aspect of your life until nothing is enjoyed without a smoke. It causes social anxiety and paranoia. It destroys motivation. Living in the cloud of marijuana also gets plain boring.


I will help you to not only stop smoking marijuana (or bring it under control), but to also resolve the underlying issues.


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How will it really help me?


 How is hypnosis used for marijuana addiction help?


The three main ways I use hypnosis in helping you to be free from marijuana addiction and to take control again are:



I integrate the different uses of hypnosis with other modalities of therapy like Mindfulness, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Analytical Psychotherapy in a unique way to fit you as a person. You will then be free from your dependency on marijuana and be able to live your life much more fully.


Marijuana addiction gets in the way of leading a satisfying life. Life does not need to be lived with the limitations it imposes upon you.


What happens in the sessions?

Usually the first session involves me finding out more about you. I want to know about your past, present and future. You can feel comfortable in a non-judgmental environment. This first session is dedicated to finding out what triggers your anxiety and what thoughts and feelings are activated. It is the beginning of a collaborative relationship on your journey to becoming free from your marijuana addiction.


The second session is usually your first hypnosis session with me. . I record the session live for you to use the recording at home for reinforcement of the suggestions given.


The sessions following are quite different for each person because I structure therapy according to your needs. Some of the sessions will involve finding and resolving the root cause of your marijuana addiction. Others will be providing you with different self-hypnosis, mindfulness and nlp tools to take control of your marijuana addiction.

I am unique in my approach to helping people rid themselves of marijuana addiction. You can start to take control today.


Make an appointment by calling 0404 136 553 or book online here.

Skype sessions are also available.


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