Conditions I treat using Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy in Brisbane

I specialise in treating Anxiety, Depression, IBS, Weight Control & Eating Disorders.


Below is a list of conditions I treat using Clinical Hypnosis, Analytical Psychotherapy, Mindfulness Training & Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.


This list is not complete. If you have an issue you want help with; and it is not on the list, please call me to find out how I can help you.


Anxiety Phobias Depression Compulsive Behaviours
Social Anxiety Fear of Driving Bi-polar Disorder Hair Pulling – Trichotillomania
Panic Attacks Fear of Flying Clinical Depression Nail Biting
Generalised Anxiety Fear of Needles SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Public Speaking Fear of Swallowing
Blushing Claustrophobia
Health Anxiety Emetophobia
Post Traumatic Stress Thanatophobia – Fear of Death
Descriptions of Anxiety Disorders
Sexual Issues Sports Medical Issues Personal Development
Erectile Disfunction Performance Anxiety Pain control for medical procedures Concentration & Focus
Premature Ejaculation Training Motivation Warts Memory
Vaginismus Irritable Bowel Syndrome Work-Life Balance
Skin Disorders Presentation Skills
Time & Work Management
Addictions Weight Control & Eating Disorders Other
Alcoholism Weight Control Anger Management
Stop Smoking Binge Eating Grief
Marijuana Bulimia Lost objects
Gambling Anorexia
Porn Emotional Eating 
Binge Drinking


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