About Peter McMahon – Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist in Brisbane.

You can feel secure, professionally cared for and confident of a good result when you take advantage of my 10 years experience in Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Many people who sought my help in the past felt they were clutching at straws in their efforts to find a therapist they could trust and rely upon.

  •  I have been in practice since 2002. In that time, I have helped nearly 2000 people to overcome a range of issues.
  • I have been an invited guest on both radio & television to share my knowledge on Phobias, Fears and Weight Control.
  • I am a recognized supervisor with The Australian Hypnotherapist Association and The Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy.

I help you to permanently resolve your issue and to be in control.

Through my professional and caring help, you will be able to be free from what it is that is currently concerning you. You will be able to live your life free of your problem. I offer Skype sessions for people who live far away from my clinic or who find it difficult to get to me.

How does it work?

Before you begin working with me, I will form a realistic and effective plan of therapy. There is always a beginning middle and end to the therapy I do with you. I will give you a clear indication of the number sessions I think you will need.

Is it for you?

My extensive experience in helping people has enabled me to develop powerful protocols that work.That same experience has given me the ability to be flexible and to adapt to your needs as an individual. I integrate Hypnosis, Mindfulness, Analytical Psychotherapy & Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. I keep abreast of the latest findings in neuroscience which helps me to provide you with practical and effective techniques to take back control. My continually expanding knowledge, experience and unrelenting desire to help you is what I offer; so you can be free from your fears and concerns. To find out how I go about helping you, please click here


Make an appointment by calling 0404 136 553 or book online here.

Skype sessions are also available.

Please call Hypnotherapy Queensland on 0404 136 553 to find how I can help you to overcome your issue.

Your call is completely confidential and there is no obligation.